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Construction Trades Program

The community workforce development program trains workers to fill the demand for construction jobs in South Florida. The program is designed to serve South Florida communities in need of job opportunities.

The Construction Trades program is made possible through grants from both private and public entities. From 2018 to date, there have been many supporting factors that have allowed the trades program to continue to assist the community. 


Past Projects:
  • Lennar Construction Trades Training

    About the Program

    The Construction Trades Certificate Program is the result of a partnership between Florida International University and the Lennar Foundation that started in 2018. Lennar Foundation supported the Construction Trades Program for the first two years with 14-weeks classes. Allowing the program to bloom to what it is today.


  • Florida Commerce Workforce Recovery Training

    About the Program

    The FIU Preapprenticeship Program was a free, 6-month certificate program that prepared workers for entry-level construction jobs across Florida. 

    Florida International University (FIU) in support of the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity-Workforce Recovery Training Program (WRTP), offered the FIU Preapprenticeship Program in construction skills to the community in Miami-Dade County. The FIU Preapprenticeship Program provided a complete curriculum of nationally recognized certifications as an Accredited Training Sponsor by the National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER).

    The certifications are tied to in demand existing construction crafts. Leadership and communications skills training are included in the curriculum and are specially designed for assistance with construction industry employability.

    “This training is made available through the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity’s Rebuild Florida Workforce Recovery Training Program. Launched with federal Community Development Block Grant - Disaster Recovery funding to assist communities affected by Hurricane Irma, the Rebuild Florida Workforce Recovery Training Program trains Floridians in the construction trades necessary to support disaster recovery efforts. For more information visit www.RebuildFlorida.gov.”

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